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“An essential tool and companion for flute players (of all standards)” review of Illustrated Fluteplaying from “Pan” -The Journal of the British Flute Society - December 2006

Here is the review with the page from the journal inset.

"Flute tutors

Robin Soldan and Jeanie Mellersh: Illustrated Fluteplaying. Third (revised) edition. This new edition of this beautifully-produced book is an essential tool and companion for flute players (of all standards), doublers and dabblers. It provides many wise words and reminders which are graphically represented by an abundance of excellent and amusing line drawings. It appeals to all age groups because of the commonsense facts presented in a fun way.

This original, well-thought-out text is co-authored by Robin Soldan, one of Britain's: leading flute teachers and his former pupil, artist Jeanie Mellersh. It is succinct and informative, based on a solid and well-founded way of playing the flute

pan reviewThe book covers the complete range of crucial techniques, for example, embouchure, posture, blowing and tonguing. The embouchure section has useful simple exercises for developing more flexibility and as a consequence a better sound. The section on posture and hand position provides a gentle reminder of mechanics (see illustration). While breathing can be improved by straightforward exercises and an understanding of the functions of the body. The pictures (drawn by Jeanie Mellersh) are clearly drawn and illustrate the text in an imaginative and amusing way. First published in 1986. this new edition of an old favourite is indispensable for flute players at any stage of development. Lis Lewis"

Lis Lewis (now Dr Lis Lewis Phd) researced into British flute players for a Phd, and is a professional flute player and teacher based in Winchester. She is a respected reviewer for Pan. She can be emailed at

Pan is the Journal of the British Flute Societyit is currently (2016) edited by Elisabeth Hobbs.. The Pan website shows past issues and lets you read articles from them. Under the edtorship of Elisabeth Hobbs and previously of Robert Bigio, Pan has become one of the world's most prestigious flute magazines. For more about Elisabeth Hobbs see For more about Robert Bigio see his web site

PS comment on Amazon UK
***** For anyone serious about learning to play the flute with the best of technical advice this is the book for you. It is a book full of humour and also concise information. I am an experienced flute teacher and there is nothing else like it on the market. You only need to look to see who has endorsed this guide to be impressed. The book has wonderful illustrations and easily digestible(and amusing)text. Try it and you will be amazed at your new understanding of the flute technique! Lesley Hatcher (Dauntsey's School) :

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