Endorsements and reviews from Sir James Galway, Atarah Ben-Tovim and lots of others first more quotes for the new e-book edition!

Latest quotes for the e-book edition

Andrew Nicholson: Principal Flute West Australia Orchestra, Hall Orchestra, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and player on our video.

“Illustrated Fluteplaying e-book... what a great idea!! …....the book is fantastic, and I have got most of my students over the years to purchase it. It is an invaluable tool”

GarethMcLearnon: International flute soloist

“What a wonderful resource for flute players and teachers all over the world! I have always regarded “Illustrated Flute-Playing" as such a charming and informative book - using beautiful diagrams, helpful, imaginative analogies complimented by clear, explanatory text - but now that it has been released in digital format it is easily available all around the world in seconds! Bravo to all involved!"

Dr September Payne:  Flute Professor, San Diego State, Emeritus

"Illustrated Fluteplaying is fantastic and valuable book.…the new, easy to use e-book version make this already wonderful learning tool handy for the practice room and one’s gig bag. ”

Quotes written about the print version (both books have the same content - choose the one to suit you! Or buy both of course!!)

Sir James Galway: The world's most distinguished flute player
“This book is wonderful. I think it is one of the most original and interesting books on the flute. It is very instructive and will be an invaluable aid to all flute players.
This book by Robin Soldan and Jeanie Mellersh is a most original treatise on the use of the body in the art of playing the flute. Jeanie Mellersh’s illustrations are informative and amusing with very good accompanying text. Robin Soldan has certainly employed all his wide experience and knowledge in producing a very accurate and readable book.
I would say that this book would find a very important place in the library of every flutist, young, old, amateur or professional. It is a manual no one who is serious about the flute should be without, and a boon to teachers world-wide.” Link to Sir James Galway site.

Dr Atarah Ben-Tovim MBE: Chairman of the British Flute Society
“Ever since it was first published this book has been my flute bible." Link to Atarah's site.

Robin De Smet, Music Business (UK)
“The authors have a knack of getting to the heart of a problem and prescribing a remedy that is so obvious and simple that one wonders why on earth no one has thought of putting it that way before. Whether you are a beginner or a teacher this book will be sure to have something for you. It is a unique and valuable publication …. Heartily recommended.”

Wally Horwood, Journal of the British Association of Symphonic Bands and Wind Ensembles (UK)
“Jeanie Mellersh’s pencil drawings are superb in illustrating lip, finger, tongue and diaphragm positions together with all aspects involved in handling the flute. Clarity is such that this is surely the next best thing to a personal demonstration from an expert teacher ... An ideal companion whether working with a teacher or alone.”

Mark Underwood, Times Educational Supplement (UK)
“ … seldom have I seen a more clearly, copiously and imaginatively illustrated book. As a flute player and teacher myself, I can scarcely think of a better companion book to regular tuition or a more welcome substitute in its absence. The publishers claim that it is for everyone who has a flute is hardly overstated.”

William Dyer, Journal of the Finnish Flute Society (Finland)
… "Marcel Moyse’s investigations and discoveries … Frans Vester’s Catalogue … Now another book has been published that stands, in originality, a comparison to the above works … it is a book which is intended to explain to the beginner the physical side of playing the flute. There are over 350 illustrations, which almost without exception, clearly explain what they intend to do … The text is simple, but not childish …Too many flute methods simply present exercises and pieces, but this book teaches the beginner to think for himself … So the beginner shows up for his first lessons. Under one arm is, of course, his flute, and under the other, his first flute school, a collection of little pieces, and Illustrated Fluteplaying.”

Trevor Wye, Pan – Journal of the British Flute Society (UK)
“A wealth of good advice is contained here … the book answers many of the basic questions in a practical and helpful way.”

Jennifer Cluff , Canadian flautist, author, and teacher
Jennifer includes Illustrated Fluteplaying in her list of recommended reading and describes it as “An illustrated flute "How to" book that every flute teacher will want to own (to show the pictures to the
student especially) ...” See her website at http://www.jennifercluff.com/ - this is her home page (and here's a link to the actual quote). down the page and numbered "3".

Dr Mary Jean Simpson, New Flute Review (USA). “A completely different approach, presenting solid information on basics and more advanced techniques with delightful artistically done illustrations. Covers everything from basic playing position to minute lip movements … Lots of humour thrown in, making the book entertaining as well as informative. This 81 page text is an excellent teaching and learning aid.”


See also the review from Pan the journal of the British Flute Society and the reviews from customers on Amazon Uk.

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