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If you have a device of that type it is easy, for an Appple device choose Appple, for a Kobo Device pick Kobo, for a Kindle choose Amazon.  If you have an Android device or a Windows phone or tablet we suggest you use KOBO. Prices are the same for all supliers as of July 2017.

Kobo and the free Kobo app provide a good way of reading the book on Android phones and tablets and on Windows phones. We have tested this method.  The Kindle App is another possibility but it requires a much bigger file and we have not yet (July 2017) tested it.  Please email us if you need more information or are having problems. mailto:nandjmellersh@yahoo.co.uk

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Buying online: The book may be bought online from Just Flutes. Click here to go to the Just Flutes ordering page. Books can be sent internationally.

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The button above takes you to Just Flutes sales pages.

In the UK you can get Illustrated Fluteplaying from most good flute shops and order it at any flute shop or bookshop. Elsewhere you will probably find it easier to use one of the online suppliers all of whom will post worldwide.

Tell the shop to order the book from our main agent: Just Flutes,46 South End, Croydon. CR0 1DP,UK Phone 020 8662 8424.

The book is always on sale at the Just Flutes shop of which is in a beautiful medieval building in Croydon in South London. (If you know Croydon and find this hard to believe, the shop is the last medieval building in the street.)

Size of printed book: 81 pages, size A4 (11.75 by 8.25 ins), paperback.  ISBN 0-9511240-2-1.
Price £16-£20 or $30-$45 US
The new edition is sewn to ensure a longer life.




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Wheelchair - page 78





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